Creates Dream Spaces

Eramita is a product and equipment supplier businesses. It was founded on the show and events industry, especially, driven towards culture and art centers. We provide access to audio, video, furniture, lighting, textiles and so on products.

With promoting worldwide brands, we create our own innovative and high-tech products.


  1. Stage Engineering and Management Systems
  2. Stage Infrastructual Systems
  3. Flame Retardant Fabrics and Drapes
  4. Curtain Track Systems
  5. Flooring



Eramita assures you the best quality fabrics needed in the theater halls, conference halls, cultural centers, fairs and exhibition areas, studios, educational institutions and many other areas.

  1. Acoustic Fabrics
  2. Flame Retardant Fabrics
  3. Velvets
  4. Molton
  5. Stage Curtains
  6. Blackouts
  7. Greenbox
  8. Event Fabrics and Draperies
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