Back of House Profession

STAGELAB is a platform taking world standards as reference in stage technologies; designing, developing and producing special systems by combining its mechanical, electronical and advanced technology experiences with its expert engineer staff.

STAGELAB also represents products of globally well-recognized brands and practices the best solution on structures requiring stage engineering by making mechanically moving, fixed and portable systems undergone R&D, production and software processes.  

STAGELAB is competent on development of technical equipment to work silent, fast and safe on performance and multi performance cultural centers, opera houses, theaters and concert halls.

STAGELAB provides services to its clients from the initial concept down to installation and helps them by creating safe, practical and easy assembling solutions.


The mission of STAGELAB is to provide innovative global solutions to meet needs and expectations of its clients.


Vision of STAGELAB is to be a pacemaker and followed icon in local and national filed in its sector.

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