BusPort System

Litelab is an internationally renowned lighting manufacturer, defined by attention to detail, craftsmanship and quality of their products. BusRun Power Distribution systems and Luminaire Collections provide a full range of architectural lighting solutions from the simplest to the most complex lighting challenges.

Architectural spaces are often required to function as multi-use spaces. Nowhere is this more common than in the hospitality industry and convention world where rooms have to function as meeting spaces, trade fair halls, and fashion show runways while later that same day they must become elegant banquet halls, wedding halls or ballrooms. Litelab’s BusPort is a retractable platform that provides mounting support, power, and connections for audio, video, wireless internet, and lighting equipment – there when your room needs them and gone when it does not!


  1. Museum and Gallery Lightings
  2. Retail Store Lightings
  3. Hotel and Restaurant Lightings
  4. Architectural Environment Lightings
  5. Educational and Cultural Center Lightings
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