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For more than three decades, Renkus-Heinz has proudly stood at the forefront of audio technology. From the White House to Red Square, from corner churches to major concert halls, Renkus-Heinz continues to be the choice of discriminating audio professionals worldwide. We are proud to bring you the most powerful, advanced products and technologies; to continue to give you the advantage.

Since 2005 Renkus-Heinz have been leading the field in Digitally Steerable loudspeakers worldwide and their products are installed in thousands of projects, from mosques to churches, from airports to terminals, from conference halls to convention centers, from stadiums to hotels.


  1. Steerable Speakers
  2. Point Source Speakers
  3. Live Music Speakers
  4. Stadium Speakers
  5. Ceiling and Wall Mounted Speakers
  6. Vertical Arrays
  7. Horizontal Arrays
  8. Subwoofers
  9. Amplifier Modules
  10. Software RHAON II
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