Our Environmental Policy

ERAMİTA bases on environmental compatibility and efficiency of production processes and products for the purpose of protecting health of human, natural sources and environment.

ERAMİTA uses a proactive approach devoted to continuous improvement of its environmental performance. It commits to evaluate environmental effects of its products and processes all through the life cycle and uses these evaluations to define improvement programs and environment management systems in accordance with national and international standards.
Environmental Principles of ERAMITA

• To provide applicable laws and regulations are always respected,

• To observe pollution prevention no regret measures with ‘Prevention, reuse and recycling processes,

• To decrease water, raw material and energy consumption,

• To remain faithful to “Design for environment” motto by developing and implementing new technology  for providing more environment-friendly solutions,

• To allocate environmental management responsibilities in all company activities,

• ERAMİTA commits to improve its performance continuously by using the applicable state of the art  technologies on prevention of environmental pollution.