Acoustical Solutions

It is a big question that can be easily carried attitude noise and sound control into crowds and large business project. Eramita ready to help you being successful by offered to participate in these with sigAs an expert in acoustics, ERAMITA provides you perfect solutions in order to establish acoustical comfort and ideal listening conditions in scope of building acoustics, room acoustics and electro acoustics.
In spaces where sound becomes more of an issue such as opera houses, theatres, concert halls, cultural centers, conference halls, multipurpose halls, religious spaces, stadiums, recording studios and TV studios, ERAMITA prepares acoustical calculations, computer-aided design, simulations and detailed reports; and helps you to find the appropriate products and efficient design solutions for ideal acoustics as a result.
ERAMITA is the key for creating perfect acoustic environment with its advanced technology products and professional approach.

• Acoustic Fabrics

• Acoustic Panels

• Acoustic Doors and Windows

• Movable Acoustic Screens

• Orchestra Shell

• Project-Specific Custom Design and Products

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