Stage Textiles and Floorings

Stage Textiles

Various textiles are used such as stage curtains, blackout fabrics, decorative fabrics to provide an impressive look and acoustics in venues and built up or temporary event halls like theaters, cinemas, cultural centers, performance centers and conference halls.
Stage textiles are supplied from abroad with stocks and are sewn in our workshops, so the products can be delivered to the customers promptly.


• Main Stage Curtains

• Stage Fabrics

• Decorative Fabrics

• Acoustic Fabrics

• Fire Curtains

• Projection Screens

• Curtain and Rail Systems



Professional floorings from ERAMITA allows any performance venue to realize any kind of event.

Thanks to vibration control feature, decreasing impact force capability, flexibility and safety features of it, floorings allow artists to concentrate on their art.

Acoustic sensitivity of the materials used increases audience satisfaction by contributing to sound design of the venue.

ERAMITA floor systems provide ergonomics for artists while allowing perfect completion of performance flow.


• Stage Floorings

• Dancing Floorings

• Vinyl Floorings

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