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Theater Design

Architectural and Technical Design for your Temporary Theater Venue.


If you decide to host your show into a venue that is NOT a theater, then here is where we come to help you.

Temporary Theater design refers to the re-design of spaces NOT specifically intended for live performance.

This includes the temporary design of the interior spaces, stage, seating area, audience sightlines, in a temporary way just for the duration of your event in the most economic, fast and reliable ways.

Theater design must take into account the type of performance being staged, the size of the audience, and the technical requirements for production.


A well-designed theater should enhance the performance, create an immersive experience for the audience, and provide a safe and comfortable environment for both performers and audience members. Key elements of theater design include stage design, seating arrangements, rigging and technical systems, lighting design, sound design, and backstage areas.

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